Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debates

I'm sitting here watching the debates, and I just can't get over how funny it is. Regardless of who you're supporting in November, you have to admit, this debate worked out like a generational divide. Obama's talking to McCain like he's patting his grandfather on the head like "the old man is crazy, he's losing it; he can't remember what he's talking about anymore or keep his facts straight". McCain just keeps talking about his record like our parents and grandparents talk about the good old days. McCain on the other hand, keeps laughing at Obama like "this kid just has no idea about how the world works; damn kid just thinks he knows better than I do - What does he know?" This whole debate is reminding me of political arguments I have with my republican-leaning father. Yes, he's a republican, but I still love him :)

This debate is just cracking me up - and sadly it's not going to settle anything anyway because the arguing isn't going to change many minds. I'll be glad when this is over in another half-hour though, because McCain's attempts to smile are looking so pained and strained I'm afraid he may bring on a stroke and settle this whole thing tonight all by himself!

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