Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was avoiding finishing my homework this afternoon and came across this video about a guy that named his baby "Sarah McCain Palin". And he didn't tell his wife about it until after the fact!

All I can think is oh my God...I don't care how much I supported a candidate, you just don't do that to an infant. I would lose my mind and kill my husband. I mean, I really think I would. And what happens if that ticket loses? Does the wife get to change the kid's name to the one she wanted? (Which was something like Ava Hope - way better in my opinion!) I can not even imagine what the mother must have thought. I mean really. OMG.

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April said...

42 seconds of this vid was all I could take - the part after he claimed he wasn't possessed. Dude it was either that or obsessed. Either way, pretty friggin' scary!