Monday, June 16, 2008

The Plague

I swear, my family has come down with the sinus infection plague. Either that or our house is trying to kill us, I'm not sure which. For what seems like the last 2 months, my youngest has been sick; the older one has been sick for the last month. I was sick over Memorial Day weekend, and now I'm sick again!! So now we're all back on antibiotics, and Lucy's don't seem to be working so I'm guessing she'll be back at the doctor AGAIN this week. Literally, Elle went to the doctor on Monday, Pea on Thursday, and me yesterday. Thank God we have insurance! I can't afford to move out of my house right now (unfortunately!) but I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to buy one of those air purifiers. At this point I would do anything to avoid spending all summer wiping noses!

Right now Elle, who we affectionately refer to as Imelda (as in Marcos), is throwing a fit because I took off her sandals. From the minute she wakes up in the morning and gets out of her crib, she has to put her shoes on. It's like she doesn't feel dressed unless she's got her shoes on. Her current obsession is with the pair of Dora sandals that Grandma got her a few weeks ago. They are pretty much constantly attached to her feet, and I'm pretty sure the neighbors can tell when they've been misplaced or removed from her feet! Her other favorite pastime involves putting on my heels or sandals and tromping around the house in them. And my husband thinks that she's going to be the tomboy - ha!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

TV and vacation

I am very quickly becoming addicted to this show on TLC called Jon and Kate + 8. If you haven't seen it, it's a reality show about this couple that has a set of twins and a younger set of sextuplets. The parents on the show are very real - a lot of times they remind me of my husband and I. It just amazes me how they can handle eight kids, especially when most of them are all the same age! My husband hates this show and just can not understand why in the world I would want to watch someone else's screaming kids after dealing with my own for hours. In reality, it's just nice to see someone else handling way more than I have to and dealing with it without killing anyone. I figure if Kate can deal with 8 kids all day, I should be able to find within myself the patience to deal with my two when they are screaming at each other over the 15th toy fight of the evening. It's also nice to see another couple dealing with the stress of kids and how that's effecting their relationship. Granted, there's is much more of a strain, but they handle it well enough with each other that it reminds me to put more effort into my own marriage. If they can do it with eight kids, it's possible for anyone.

In other exciting news - today is my first day of summer vacation! Not that it will be much of a vacation since I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time getting my new classroom set up, organized, and arranged. I've only got about 5 weeks off, and I'm taking an online class too, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of relaxing down time. Oh well, at least I should have a nice pay raise in the fall - assuming of course, that my school board ever gets around to approving our new contract. But that's a whole other story...

Friday, June 6, 2008


I love fireworks. They are beautiful and magical, and just one of the simple summer pleasures that I can't do without. The park that we live near has a festival the first week of June every year - tonight was the big fireworks display. It's such a great way to start the summer (even though summer doesn't officially start for me until next Wednesday when school finally gets out!) And one of the few great things about our house is that we can watch the fireworks either from our front porch, or as I did tonight, from the large window in the girls' room. Unfortunately I could not get Pea to wake up for the show...which is a shame, since she also really loves fireworks. At least both of the girls sleep like rocks, so the noise didn't disturb their sleep at all. But it's sad that they missed it. We've only got a few more years left in our current home (God willing!), and I'm sure wherever we end up won't be nearly as convenient for things like this.

At any rate, the 4th of July will be here before I know it, and we'll definitely keep the girls up for the fun that night. So at least they won't miss out completely.