Friday, June 6, 2008


I love fireworks. They are beautiful and magical, and just one of the simple summer pleasures that I can't do without. The park that we live near has a festival the first week of June every year - tonight was the big fireworks display. It's such a great way to start the summer (even though summer doesn't officially start for me until next Wednesday when school finally gets out!) And one of the few great things about our house is that we can watch the fireworks either from our front porch, or as I did tonight, from the large window in the girls' room. Unfortunately I could not get Pea to wake up for the show...which is a shame, since she also really loves fireworks. At least both of the girls sleep like rocks, so the noise didn't disturb their sleep at all. But it's sad that they missed it. We've only got a few more years left in our current home (God willing!), and I'm sure wherever we end up won't be nearly as convenient for things like this.

At any rate, the 4th of July will be here before I know it, and we'll definitely keep the girls up for the fun that night. So at least they won't miss out completely.

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