Monday, May 26, 2008

Best Laid Plans

(NOTE: I decided since I may be posting pics on here from time to time, I probably should follow my own (school) rules and not put the girls names on here - just in case you were confused later...)

I was so looking forward to this weekend. I didn't have anything planned - no "to do" list (as usual), nothing in particular to get done. I just really wanted to slow down this weekend and spend some time with the girls and J and not really do anything in particular. This month has been so busy, and Lu has been sick for most of it, so I thought it would be fun to just have some family hang out time before summer hits and flies by like it usually does.

Apparently, God had other plans. Pea started getting sick on Thursday afternoon - by Friday night I was taking her to the doctor. Not exactly the sitting-in-bed-snuggling-with-a-movie night I had in mind. But Lu is on her second round of antibiotics so it's really not a total shock Pea is getting sick now. I wasn't feeling too great that night either. I knew I was coming down with something, but I couldn't really tell what. Needless to say, I was back at the med center on Sat. morning when they opened. I was really tired, had fever, chills, and swollen glands. Along with some chest pain which was pretty concerning. The doctor wasn't much use - she told me it was bronchitis (which I'm sure it's not) and gave me some antibiotics. I got so dizzy I couldn't even drive myself home and had to call J to pick me up. Luckily my parents had just gotten to our house to visit so it wasn't too much of a hassle. I was in bed, miserable and completely useless, for the rest of Saturday. I felt better yesterday though, and today's been ok. I've at least been able to get out and about. The swollen glands are still giving me a sore throat though, but I should be ok to go back to work tomorrow. Thank God, because with the girls sick I'm running out of sick days! Luckily we've only got a couple of weeks left.

The one saving grace this weekend was that J took pity on me and cleaned the house thoroughly. I am determined to kill whatever virus/bacteria monster is lurking in my house!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If you have children - or if you're one of my friends, ever get around to having one - I strongly suggest if you're ever in Indianapolis stopping by their Children's Museum. It is truly awesome!! We took Pea to Indy for a little one-on-one time vacation last weekend. We took in a play at a children's theater, which she thoroughly enjoyed. It was very nice - the kids wore their pj's and had a snack, and at the end the actors talked about theater vocabulary (like props, set, and light designer) and answered questions from the kids. But her favorite part was definitely the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I couldn't believe her favorite part was the dinosaur section!

I'm keeping this entry short tonight because I'm highly sleep-deprived. Elle has some kind of virus and has been running a high fever for the last 3 days. Meaning, of course, that I haven't slept for about that long. It's a shame Benedryl has no effect on her...