Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Spice

So I am home at Easter, helping my mother cook the meal. This is what I find in the spice drawer.

I'm not even kidding - one of the containers had a date stamp of 1977 on the bottom! Whether or not that was the expiration date, I have no idea, but am I the only one that is a little disturbed by this? These spice canisters are older than I am for God's sakes! In any case, I figure they'll soon be considered "vintage" (if they aren't already), so I'm going to find a place to put them in my kitchen.

That is, of course, assuming I ever get anything more done in my kitchen now that we've stripped the wallpaper. The weather is finally supposed to start warming up next week - on my last 4 days off! - so I'll be back outside in my yard most of the time. The last two years have been hard to get anything accomplished...pregnancy and infants don't lend well to yard work. So this year I'm determined to get some things done. Of course, as usual I'm pretty sure I've got a longer list of projects than I will ever have time to accomplish them. But at least I've got a plan, so we'll see where it gets me by then end of the summer. As of right now, the grad class I was going to take this summer is full, so I may end up with more time on my hands come June. That really wouldn't be so bad - it would be nice to have a semester off to do some things that I like to do for once.

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April said...

Hey! Found your blog from Zoom. I'm adding you to my Reader, which means of course, that you're now obligated to update more frequently :)